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For those accustomed to living in style and luxury, Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort offers 596 rooms which come complete with all the trappings of a luxury hotel, including local and continental cuisine and fresh seafood. Those looking for accommodations within their budgets and to rough it out, can opt for cheaper yet comfortable chalets and dorms which are found scattered around Tekek, Air Batang, Salang, Juara, Mukut, Nipah, Genting, and Paya. You may make meal arrangements at your place accommodation. However, if you prefer eating out, there are many eating spots to choose from such as local cuisine and fresh seafood.

Hotels and Resorts in Tioman Island
Hotel Name
Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort
Berjaya Tioman Suite
Genting Bayu Chalet
Genting Damai Resort Tioman
Japamala Resort
Mukut Coral Beach
Mukut Harmony Resort
Kg Mukut
Panuba Inn Resort
Panuba Village Tioman
Paya Beach Resort
Salang Beach Resort
Salang Pusaka Resort Tioman
Salang Village
Sun Beach Resort Tioman
Kg. Genting
Tioman Beauty Resort
Tioman Paya Resort
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